Chic Notebook-Combo Pack(Pink+Blue+Purple)
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Chic Notebook-Combo Pack(Pink+Blue+Purple)

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  • Writing journals– improve your child’s creative thought and enhance your child’s memory and vocabulary by letting them explore their writing
  • Portable– you can definitely add this handy notebook to the list of school supplies for teen girls/boy
  • Stylish designs –this is not only made for kids but for adults too
  • Kids diary:- A blank journal book perfect for introducing kids can write a story, take notes, draw pictures or just doodle on the linked pages
  • Lined paper:- All paper inside is lined. Great for younger children who want to practice their writing and keep a journal

Combo Pack(Pink+Blue+Purple) -This design dreamer is a perfect match for any loving little girl or boy! Whether he/she’s an avid journal or hasn’t discovered the joys of journaling just yet, this blank hardcover journal will let her write to her heart’s content.

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Weight 0.700 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 cm


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